Vivan is an eleven year old boy living with his parents in Delhi and Hyderabad. His father is an educationist and mother is a civil servant. He is an avid traveller and has travelled with his parents across India and the world. His favourite city is Berlin. The diverse cultural experiences that he has had during his travels has been imbibed in his writings. He developed his fascination for history and inquisitive mind to question given facts from his father, and has had imbibed his passion for books and writing from his mother.He loves to spend time with his grand mothers who have taught him to explore hobbies like gardening, painting and reading religious and mythological books.


When history sounds like fiction, Vivan’s ears get alarmed, learning about Moth Ki Masjid he finds the untrue story of it and creates a team of four kids and a cockatoo and finds the hidden treasure of Lodi dynasty.

Where you can find the My book?

Incredibly imaginative and brilliant way of story telling. Hard to imagine that it is coming directly from the heart and mind of a 11 year old.

K.B Aradhana (CEO of Swagat Retails)


                                                                          Rs. 250 /9.99$

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